Interior decorative moldings

Classical or modern in design, white or colored, angular moldings have the possibility to change the room or highlight the color of the walls. They fit perfectly into the angle of walls and ceiling or lowered ceilings and thus they have the possibility to close joints of different surfaces.


A large selection of motifs and dimensions of rosettes will help you give a new life to your environment without too much investment and expertise. With the appropriate color, the rosettes will make your surfaces even nobler and help you achieve optimal harmony in the rooms.

Ceiling coverings

In our assortment you can find a large selection of ceiling coverings motifs that come in three standard thicknesses of 7mm, 14mm, and 28mm. In addition to standard decorative purposes, 14mm and 28mm ceiling coverings have a purpose of thermal insulation. All models of the coverings are without hinges.

Facade moldings

Facade moldings allow you to lift your facade to a higher aesthetic level. Facade moldings are manufactured from expanded polystyrene (styrofoam 50kg/m³) which is coated with a waterproofing coating, which gives it resistance to atmospheric influences. This coating is flexible, paradiffuse, hard, UV-resistant and moist-resistant. It does not shrink.


Thermostone is a decorative element made of styrofoam which allows you to visually enhance both your indoor and your outdoor space. These decorative elements are of high mechanical strength, and at the same time they provide a certain level of thermal insulation. There are two variants: the YTS is prepared for outdoor use that also suits the indoor use, while the YTS-N is for indoor use only. These elements can be painted with various colors in all shades.