Yum Commerce

Yum-Commerce ltd. is a production, trade and service company. The main activity of the company is the production of interior and exterior decorative moldings and polystyrene elements. It was established in 1997 in Subotica.

The product range consists of:internal and external polystyrene moldings, polystyrene ceiling coverings, interior and exterior decorative elements made of polystyrene, special elements upon customer’s order (letters, inscriptions, pillars, etc.). Our products can be found in all of Serbia in shops designed to equip interior and exterior (paints, building materials, etc.). Yum-Commerce also sells its products to foreign markets in addition to the domestic market.

Production takes place in newly built production halls with advanced production technology, which ensures the continuity of quality of all our products. By continuously monitoring the demands of customers and users of our products, we strive to improve business cooperation as well as to perfect the products we offer. Production technology, as well as many years of experience in installation of our elements, enables us to offer our products for the reconstruction of façades under protection, as well as for newly constructed buildings, where architecture requires various ornamental elements. Yum-Commerce builds its business success on product quality and continuous improvement of partner relationships with both customers and company suppliers. The improvement of the quality management system, is influenced by all the employees as well as the management, who gives their personal contribution in order to fulfill the stated goals.